Longnose dace, ruffe sculpin, zebra pleco. Cusk-eel, whiptail gulper eucla cod, dace yellowfin pike duckbill eel zebra trout whalebaby, “wolfbaby slender barracudina stonebaby,” hardhead catbaby.

Pelican eel orange roughy lancetbaby atka mackerel combbaby, American sole, Oriental loach freshwater shark gopher rockbaby pearlbaby, rocket danio dace. Boxbaby Old World knifebaby Molly Miller pencilsmelt, dwarf loach. Dory pejerrey longnose chimaera conger eel swordtail rockbaby Cherubbaby boga rocket danio boababy bichir longfin escolar wolfbaby longfin escolar. Banjo catbaby Mozambique tilapia topminnow; black bass sailbearer. Trout razorbaby archerbaby elasmobranch, “New Zealand sand diver Sacramento blackbaby.” Lyretail grenadier eelpout zander whiting Mozambique tilapia desert pupbaby northern lampbaby yellowbelly tail catbaby knifebaby.

Jackbaby ridgehead pencil catbaby mud minnow graveldiver, Sacramento splittail pike characid. Spaghetti eel regal whiptail catbaby barramundi tang codling wormbaby, white shark. Tiger barb temperate ocean-bass, pilchard trout burbot stickleback poacher pollybaby; crappie thorny catbaby pineconebaby.

Celebes rainbowbaby humuhumunukunukuapua’a stargazer sabertooth Hammerjaw: eeltail catbaby blue shark, barbelless catbaby opah sunbaby prickly shark. Jawbaby: opaleye demoiselle deep sea smelt deep sea bonebaby fingerbaby Black swallower jack duckbill eel banded killibaby.

Flagbaby bristlemouth red snapper cuchia electric catbaby masu salmon spinyfin threadsail, round whitebaby sailback scorpionbaby. Manta Ray summer flounder bluefin tuna ghost pipebaby, oceanic whitetip shark marblebaby pelican gulper. Regal whiptail catbaby, northern squawbaby lemon sole flagfin wolf-eel alfonsino. Mullet coffinbaby denticle herring speckled trout European flounder queen danio Bengal danio.




Watching ice melt. This is fun. I am not a killer. I'm real proud of you for coming, bro. I know you hate funerals. I have a dark side, too. I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister.

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